Client since 2013

Engineering firm

John and his engineering firm were victims of a cyberattack, and therefore, became a client of Virtualis under extremely trying circumstances. After an initial incident response and data recovery, Virtualis put safeguards in place to help prevent future attacks, which provided peace of mind for John and his entire staff. 

After the dust settled, John decided to scrap his sever solution and go with the more secure, cost-effective eDesk Suite. John's firm began to appreciate the benefits of eDesk Suite quickly. His multiple office locations were seamlessly connected and staff gained immediate work-from-anywhere capabilities. Staff have enjoyed being productive even while on the road, knowing that if one of them accidentally left a laptop in an airport terminal, the business's data wouldn't be lost or compromised.

More recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, John's staff were able to easily transition to working from home with little stress or disruption to their projects.