Client Since 2013

Water Conservation District

Virtualis' eDesk Suite proved to be a life-saver when a transformer serving Greg's building blew, ultimately leaving his office without electricity for two weeks. Thanks to eDesk Suite, they were still able to access their data via laptops and smartphones while working elsewhere.

This sudden disaster would have put other businesses out of commission with the logistics of moving to another space. Instead, Greg and his team grabbed their laptops and paperwork from the office and headed home. After logging back in to their eDesk Suite, all their data and programs were still there, as if nothing had ever happened.

After getting to know their business and its needs, Virtualis also provided the district with updated software as part of their eDesk Suite solution. Because they are a public agency, they needed a reliable backup system for all of their electronic records. eDesk Suite fit the bill.

Greg and his team also benefited from eDesk Suite in other ways, such as avoiding capital expenditures which are much more difficult for public agencies to justify to stakeholders. Thus, the district only pays for the operational expense on a monthly basis, which is immediately deductible as an expense.

We called them with a problem and they created a custom solution.
-Greg S.