Security In-Depth

Achieving a strong cybersecurity posture is difficult for small organizations due to costs, lack of expertise, and a sustained commitment. Most small organizations simply can't afford to employ full-time IT staff; it's just too expensive. Instead, they either take a do-it-yourself approach or outsource cybersecurity to an IT firm under a managed service provider (MSP) contract. Neither of these options helps achieve the strongest security posture for an organization.

The do-it-yourself approach often relies on friends or family who are good with computers. While inexpensive or sometimes free, these individuals aren't full-time, IT professionals who understand current cybersecurity threats, best practices, and technologies. Organizations taking a do-it-yourself approach are at extreme risk for cyberattacks.

While an MSP approach is much better than a do-it-yourself one, it typically isn't a cost-effective approach for most organizations. MSP firms can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars per month for basic monitoring and backup services. They tend to do nothing else of value for their clients - everything else costs extra, including when an organization needs immediate help. Can these MSP firms improve cybersecurity? Yes, somewhat. It really depends on the existing hardware and software. However, if the IT system is old and has not been properly maintained, it likely will require a substantial financial commitment to get the security posture where it needs to be.

eDesk Suite, a Better Approach to Cybersecurity

eDesk Suite is a superior, cost-effective approach to strong cybersecurity because we not only provide expensive hardware and software you use but also provide all the maintenance, monitoring, management, administration, support, and IT expertise needed to keep it running optimally 24/7/365. The result: you spend very little time and energy on IT. eDesk Suite goes far beyond what MSP firms provide and at a fair monthly rate.

Strong cybersecurity is a core component of our service - you don't have to pay extra for it, you get it from day one. We handle all aspects of eDesk Suite's cybersecurity so you don't have to. We also fully support eDesk Suite, so we're always there when you need us with 24/7 US-based support.

While no IT security solution exists that can prevent all cyberattacks from succeeding, eDesk Suite's robust, multi-layered security, significantly reduces the risk of experiencing a successful one. Your data has never been this safe.

Say Goodbye to Local Data and its Risks

Other than great employees and clients, nothing is more vital to an organization than its data. All organizations have important data, some more sensitive than others, that must be safeguarded from loss and unauthorized access and distribution. In many small organizations, data is stored on-premises on local hardware.

Backing up your organization's data frequently and completely is a crucial aspect of maintaining a strong security posture. If you lose your data, you could lose revenue, clients, reputation, your job, and much more. With eDesk Suite, you don't need to worry about backups, because we back up client data multiple times a day on multiple servers located in a secure SSAE-certified data center. Should you ever need to recover data, you can count on us to have a good, recent backup ready.

Like backups, eDesk Suite client data is never stored on local client hardware. So, if your sales team accidentally leaves their laptop in an airport terminal when rushing to catch a flight, your eDesk Suite data is still safe and inaccessible to whoever finds the laptop.

Prior to subscribing to eDesk Suite, some of our clients stored their data and backups on on-premise servers, external hard drives, removable media, and/or NAS-type devices. Keeping their data on local hardware subjected them to numerous risks that included theft, hardware/media failure, and natural and man-made disasters. Plus, some of these organizations weren't performing regular backups, which exponentially increased the risk of operations being disrupted for lengthy periods of time should a disaster or cyberattack occur.

How is my data backed up? Find Out

Network Protection

With eDesk Suite, we protect your network with advanced firewalls and software that not only prevents users from visiting potentially malicious websites but also prevents bad actors from accessing your network and data. We also offer additional hardware firewalls that we can manage for you. These devices help protect your local network (non eDesk Suite) and any physical devices attached to it. It also helps us remotely monitor the local network inside your four walls.

Each year, viruses/malware penetrate networks and significantly disrupt operations, collectively costing organizations billions to mitigate. In many cases, the viruses/malware gained access to their networks because the anti-virus or anti-malware software was never updated to recognize them. With eDesk Suite, you'll never need to worry about this; we ensure this vital software is always up-to-date with known threats, and scans are performed regularly.

eDesk Suite provides additional protection against unknown virus/malware threats via application whitelisting, which prevents unknown applications from executing unless explicitly installed by our staff.

eDesk Suite's email component also protects against malware threats with anti-SPAM and anti-phishing technologies. These intelligent algorithms protect your email accounts by targeting and intercepting dangerous SPAM so that it doesn't reach your inboxes.

With eDesk Suite, you also can specify folder permissions, so only authorized staff can access their contents.

Connect with Confidence from Guest Networks

Today's business environment is fast-paced and conducted from multiple devices and locations using various Wi-Fi networks that may not be secured properly. So, whether it's meeting a client at a coffee shop to show them the latest design from an iPad, sending a PDF document to a prospect from an Androi® phone, or writing a proposal with Adobe® InDesign® CC in a hotel room using a laptop, eDesk Suite provides a secure, VPN-like heavily encrypted connection to ensure your data is kept private while traveling over potentially compromised networks.