Experienced IT Professionals

Many small organizations take a set-it-up and forget-about-it approach to their information systems. The only time they pay attention to their systems is when something goes wrong that disrupts operations, like a successful malware attack or a hardware failure. What they fail to realize is that the longer they ignore their information systems, the less reliable the system becomes and the greater the risk of an incident occurring that can cripple them for days, cost them clients and revenue, and expose them to possible litigation and/or fines.

Just like cars, computer hardware and software need maintenance and replacement to stay reliable. Like an auto mechanic, experienced IT professionals are needed to look over information systems to identify issues and perform tune-ups and needed repairs.

Our experienced IT staff proactively manage and monitor all aspects of eDesk Suite to ensure that it is secure and running optimally at all times.

Preventative Maintenance

Our experience shows that small organizations almost never perform important updates. This lack of preventative maintenance exposes them to potentially faulty software and firmware that may not function reliably. They are also open to possible cyberattacks via well-known security vulnerabilities that were fixed ages ago in a software/firmware update.

Because preventative maintenance is required for reliable information systems, we perform it regularly on eDesk Suite. Hardware, such as firewalls, switches, and servers are regularly updated to the most recent, stable firmware versions. Likewise, software, such as operating systems, office productivity, anti-virus/anti-malware, and spam filters all get regular updates.

These updates to both hardware and software serve to fix problems such as bugs and known security vulnerabilities to keep the system healthy.

Hardware and Software Replacement

Our experience shows that small organizations often use their hardware and software longer than they should.

Hardware gets old and is more likely to experience difficulties as it ages. We upgrade our eDesk Suite hardware on a regular basis to keep it physically modern and to reduce the chance of failure.

Software also ages and needs to be replaced over time. Newer versions fix bugs and improve performance and security. eDesk Suite software is periodically refreshed for each of our clients in a coordinated fashion to minimize disruption.


Redundancy is expensive and most small organizations often have a hard time justifying spending extra funds on hardware and software they may never use.

eDesk Suite hardware and software are protected from single-points of failure by redundant systems. This means that if a critical system fails, eDesk Suite will continue operating with minimal or no disruption to clients because a secondary system has become operational, replacing the failed system.

Data has triple redundancy. Our data servers not only employ RAID 10 redundancy but also are each mirrored to an identical data server. Both of these servers are constantly active and, should a failure of any system happen, data will be seamlessly available with no operational impact to eDesk Suite users.

Facilities Redundancy

Our secure data center, where we house eDesk Suite hardware, has redundancy in all of the environmental and connectivity (E&C) equipment, which includes stand-by generators, HVAC systems, and fire suppression systems. All E&C equipment receives regular maintenance and undergoes an active test and exercise schedule to verify they work. Should a particular piece of E&C equipment fail, its redundant counterpart will immediately come online to provide continuity.

The datacenter's network equipment has multiple, independent, Level-3 connections to the Internet and uses nanosecond, world-class, edge routers to guard against failed connections and Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks.


Security against cyberattacks, data deletion, and physical theft or damage impact reliability. You can't use equipment if it's made unavailable, broken, or missing.

Physical Security

When theft occurs in an organization, computers are prime targets because they have some value. Servers, however, are much more valuable because their data is potentially useful to those looking to compromise an organization and its clients. Servers are often quite visible in the typical small organization and theft is, unfortunately, common.

Physical security of our servers is a critical component of eDesk Suite. Our datacenter employs double-gated, physical access control along with biometric and badge identification and access controls. These controls prevent unauthorized persons from entering the facility and attempting to access our servers and other equipment in their locked cages.

Network Security

Just as physical security is important for reliability, so is network security. If an attacker is able to penetrate a network, not only is data at risk of theft, but also at risk of permanent deletion. To protect against intrusion, denial-of-service (DOS) attacks, and malware, eDesk Suite uses next-generation firewall and unified-threat-management technologies.

Software Security

We employ whitelisted software technologies to prevent unknown software from gaining access to eDesk Suite systems. In other words, absolutely no software is permitted to run on eDesk Suite unless installed by Virtualis staff. This prevents malware, spyware, resource-intensive programs, personal programs, and other unauthorized software from adversely affecting eDesk Suite's performance and reliability.

Occasionally, this causes some difficulties when a client wants to run unvetted software. However, if you have business software that you need to install, give us a call or email us. We're happy to vet the software and install it on your behalf.

The payout in software security and attendant reliability of eDesk Suite more than makes up for the time needed for these extra steps.


The cost to organizations using unreliable or impaired software is staggering.

Opportunity Costs

When your software doesn't work or work consistently or hardware failure occurs, staff are unable to use them and time is wasted trying to get them to work. Consequently, these non-recoverable opportunity costs can be sizable over time.

Because eDesk Suite is so reliable, non-recoverable opportunity costs related to IT virtually disappear.

Maintenance Costs

Other than occasional costs associated with their local hardware, our clients find that the vast majority of sudden, out-of-pocket IT costs disappear with eDesk Suite. Their monthly fee covers all IT maintenance, software, hardware, and staff required for eDesk Suite service (This doesn't include the client's own local hardware and network needed to access eDesk Suite).

With eDesk Suite, costs are predictable, direct expenses based upon the number of eDesk Suite users and services ordered. This provides a consistent, fixed monthly cost for IT services that makes budgeting easy.

Disaster Recovery

By its very nature, any disaster is unplanned. It can be a local (e.g., fire, theft, civil unrest), regional (e.g., flooding, union strikes), or global event (e.g., pandemic, war) that suddenly disrupts operations and an organization's ability to service clients.

Disaster Recovery Must be Planned

Should a disaster happen, an organization will need to recover their physical environment, their staff abilities, and their information systems. This is a function of planning and cost. The greater the disaster, the more planning required and the higher the cost.

With eDesk Suite, organizations can plan for reliable disaster recovery of their information systems. As long as they have Internet, computers/devices to connect to eDesk Suite, a safe alternate location, and a stable society, organizations can recover their IT system and have it up and running quickly.