eDesk Suite

What do you REALLY spend on IT?

We've found that most small businesses spent thousands of dollars more on IT costs than they realize. eDesk Suite not only saves money when compared to a traditional infrastructure, it also saves owners hours of late night headaches.

Use our calculator to discover your TRUE costs for your IT infrastructure and maintenance.

How many people are in your company?

How many years do you plan to use your server(s) before replacing?

How many physical office locations do you have?

How many servers do you have?


The cost of eDesk, compared to a traditional configuration of 5 individuals, spread over 5 years, is the obvious winner. Continue below to see a real-life interactive breakdown

eDesk Suite
Cost over 5 years

Up-front Investments

These costs are estimated based on setting up a new small business server in a single office location.

eDesk Suite
Server Room Renovations
New Server
New Hardware Firewall
Server Operating System
New Computers
Battery Backups (Computers)

Known Monthly Investments

Every business has monthly expenses, some are easily recognized, while others can be hidden.

eDesk Suite
eDesk Subscription
(per user cost may be different depending on your needs)
Anti-Virus Software
Exchange Server
Secure Mobile Access
Automated Backup

Hidden Monthly Costs

Not planning for the unknown can cost thousands of dollars, below are a few costs our clients used to unexpectedly pay

eDesk Suite
System Monitoring
Software Patches/Upgrades
Lost productivity
Server Electricity
Budgeting for Server Replacement
Budgeting for Computer Replacement
Unplanned Server/Computer Downtime
Vendor Coordination

Harness the power of eDesk Suite

eDesk is a great choice for small to medium-sized business, businesses with multiple locations, and those with many work from home employees. Below are the totals from our calculator showing how eDesk Suite is a great option for your business.

eDesk Suite
Cost over 5 years

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