Work From Anywhere Benefits

Smartphones are wonderful. They make it easy to quickly respond to clients or coworkers via email or voice, especially when outside the office. But what happens when there is a request for files or other data that's saved on the organization's network? 

In traditional office networks this creates a problem, but not with eDesk Suite.

Working Securely from Multiple Locations

eDesk Suite Anywhere

Be in the Office, Even When You're Not

Unless an organization has already invested in a technology that allows this, accessing the organization's network isn't possible from outside the office. Unfortunately, someone will likely need to physically go to the office to send files or retrieve data. This is often very inconvenient, especially if the request was made after hours or on the weekend.

With eDesk Suite, this isn't a problem because you always have access to your organization's network and data 24/7/365. So, whether you're working from home, traveling for business, offsite in training, on vacation, or anywhere else there's internet access, you can respond promptly using any available modern computer or mobile device.

Keep Your Top Talent

Reward Your Employees

Today's labor market is highly competitive, and attracting and retaining top talent can be challenging. Staff are not only busy with work, but also with families, doctors appointments, parental care, and much more. In many cases, they also may have long commutes that consume valuable time.

The flexibility and ability to work from anywhere can be a significant benefit for employees and employers alike. Whether it's your head of sales temporarily working in another state while caring for an elderly parent or your office manager taking a few days to work from home to care for a sick child, work from anywhere flexibility is greatly appreciated by all.

Many Offices, One Network

Easily Connect Multiple Offices

Some organizations have multiple offices located in other cities, while some have multiple buildings or office spaces within one city. To connect all offices or buildings/spaces with a secure network requires a substantial effort, is complex, and expensive.

With eDesk Suite, connecting multiple offices, buildings, or spaces on a secure network is trivial and very cost-effective because it doesn't require significant extra hardware, software, or IT expertise. It's as simple as adding new user accounts and installing a firewall.

Multi-location, including work from home, is a core benefit of eDesk Suite.

Logistics Made Easy

Remote Workers

eDesk Suite also works really well for decentralized businesses where everyone is working remotely or for staff that can only work remotely. Regardless of location, they can collaborate easily and securely over their organization's network.

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