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Regardless of size, organizations must have strong cybersecurity in place. Otherwise, they're at high risk of suffering cyberattacks resulting in data loss, civil or criminal litigation, investigations by law enforcement, political consequences for public agencies, business closure, loss of revenue, loss of clients, and significant disruptions to normal operations, to name a few.

eDesk Suite's inherent security helps keep you safe.

Security and Safety for Your Business and Data

The Cost of

Managed Service Provider Firms

Achieving a strong cybersecurity posture is difficult for small organizations due to costs, lack of expertise, and a sustained commitment. Most small organizations simply can't afford to employ full-time IT staff; it's just too expensive. Instead, they either take a do-it-yourself approach or outsource cybersecurity to an IT firm under a managed service provider (MSP) contract. Neither of these options helps achieve the strongest security posture for an organization.

The do-it-yourself approach often relies on friends or family who are good with computers. While inexpensive or sometimes free, these individuals aren't full-time, IT professionals who understand current cybersecurity threats, best practices, and technologies. Organizations taking a do-it-yourself approach are at extreme risk for cyberattacks.

While an MSP approach is much better than a do-it-yourself one, it typically isn't a cost-effective approach for most organizations. MSP firms can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars per month for basic monitoring and backup services. Anything else usually costs extra, including when an organization needs immediate help. Can these MSP firms improve cybersecurity? Yes, somewhat. It really depends…