Don't Fire Your Local IT Firm

With eDesk Suite, our experienced IT staff handles most of the complex IT needs many businesses have. Our support, however, extends only to eDesk Suite and not the computers/devices used to access eDesk Suite or anything inside your organization's four walls.

In other words, we're responsible for everything within eDesk Suite; however, if you own it, you'd be responsible for it.

IT Equipment and Maintenance

Computer Purchases and Limited Hardware Repair Services

Computers break, it's the natural way of things. Whether it's a hard drive failure, an operating system that won't boot, or a problem with physical network cabling, eDesk Suite clients still need a local IT provider when local components occasionally break. So, if you have a local IT vendor, we're happy to work with them. If not, we can introduce you to a couple in your area. Let us know if you're looking for a local IT vendor.

As a benefit of eDesk Suite, we provide a spare computer plan that makes sense for some clients. This plan allows clients to purchase ready-to-go laptops directly from us. We'll ship them anywhere your people are, it's sort of what we're all about. Our clients can opt to send pre-approved hardware to us for diagnostics and possible repair; additional fees may apply.