Back Up Your Business

Small organizations often have to decide what tasks take priority and which simply have to wait. Add in IT-related responsibilities, and an entire day's plan could go right out the window. Something that should never be neglected is data backups.

Thankfully, eDesk Suite includes full, redundant data backup as part of our service.

Backups Protect Your Data

eDesk Suite

Preventing Data Loss

Often times, data back up and retention aren't considered immediate or urgent by staff and are put off, with the best intentions of getting them done when things slow down. It's human nature. Unfortunately, these tasks seldom or never actually get done because staff always have more urgent matters. This is especially true with backups.

Regrettably, most small organizations don't realize how crucial backups are until something happens and their data turns up missing.

Learn more about how eDesk Suite automates data backup.