Why eDesk Suite is a Great Value

In many small organizations, IT is a secondary concern. That's not to say that they don't consider IT important, but rather they're primarily concerned with using IT as a necessary component for conducting business.

Owners and managers in these organizations often consider IT only to be setting up computers and a network, connecting the computers to the network and installing line-of-business and anti-virus/anti-malware software.

Sometimes, they consult with an IT firm, and other times, it's do-it-yourself. Once up and running, these busy owners and managers tend to let the IT manage itself until something eventually breaks. They simply don't have the time and often the expertise to proactively manage it.

Because the system works, they tend to believe it is robust. However, much, much more goes into setting up a robust IT system that includes hardening it against cyber threats; assessing cybersecurity measures; anticipating and preparing for forced technological upgrades; handling unexpected hardware failures; forecasting IT budgets accurately; managing software licenses; planning for hardware replacement; managing backups and verifying their recoverability; etc. The list can go on and on. It's a lot; enough for at least one part-time or full-time IT employee.

With eDesk Suite, you get a robust IT system for a fraction of the cost of what it would cost your organization to implement the equivalent system, especially when a secure, multi-device, work-from-anywhere capability is included. Plus, it includes 24/7, US-based support and professional IT administration, monitoring, and management at no extra charge it's all part of your monthly service fee.

Ease of Use

eDesk Suite uses Microsoft® Windows, so employees intuitively understand how to use it and are productive from day one.

eDesk Suite is a Custom Solution

Because no two organizations are the same, we build a custom eDesk Suite to meet each client's unique needs. This means we take the time to understand your organization's IT needs and verify that our eDesk Suite is an appropriate solution for your organization.