Business Productivity

Focus on Business, not IT

With eDesk Suite, you and your staff can focus on what's most important conducting business not on distracting IT issues that consume precious time, energy, and money. We handle all the messy, complex IT, so you don't have to!

Simplify Communication and Collaboration

Desk Suite also simplifies communication and collaboration by allowing staff to access and share data and other resources needed to work as a team, regardless of location. This secure inter-office and intra-office collaboration and communication also allow staff to print to any network printer in any office.

Get Up and Running Fast

Whether you're starting a business or recovering from a natural disaster, we can get your business up and running quickly with eDesk Suite. Because it's a complete IT solution, eDesk Suite allows users to immediately be productive. Also, eDesk Suite uses Microsoft® Windows, so no special training is required!

Easily Scale Your Organization

Organizational growth is a good thing. However, scaling an organization's existing IT to meet growth can be challenging and affect productivity. With eDesk Suite, it's simple. All that's needed is the appropriate number of new computers and line-of-business software licenses and a request to Virtualis to add the desired number of eDesk Suite users. That's it! New staff can be productive immediately.

Microsoft® Office Licenses are Included

Your eDesk Suite includes the standard in office productivity software: Microsoft® Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.). It's ready to use from day one!

Business-Level Exchange® Email

Your eDesk Suite subscription includes a privately hosted Microsoft® Exchange® email server and individual email accounts for each user. Our Exchange® solution includes full security management, spam filtering, phishing protection, corporate meeting rooms, shared calendars, and more.

Email-only accounts also are available for those not needing full eDesk Suite accounts.

Don't let a Failing or Lost Machine Disrupt Business

Let's face it, sometimes computers stop running at the absolute wrong time or an employee accidentally leaves her laptop at a busy coffee shop after meeting with a client.

With eDesk Suite, this isn't a major problem because data isn't stored locally on the failed/lost computer but on our secure servers. While the organization will still need to replace the computer, its user can still access eDesk Suite from another computer/device.

So, whether it's a spare computer/device in the office, a computer/device at home, an Internet cafe©, or anywhere else with a computer/device and good Internet access, staff can continue to be productive while a new computer is being acquired.

Emergency Laptop Availability

Sometimes our eDesk Suite clients' computers break or are lost/stolen when they travel. This can significantly impact business and productivity until the computer is replaced. When this happens to eDesk Suite clients, we can help. We carry an inventory of ready-to-go laptops for purchase on a first-come basis that work really well with eDesk Suite. Call us and we'll ship a laptop directly to you.

Your Industry-Specific Business Software

Get the most out of your eDesk Suite. Have your licensed, line-of-business software installed, such as:

  • AutoCAD/Civil3D
  • ArcGIS
  • Deltek® Vision
  • Sketchup
  • QuickBooks (all versions except Enterprise)
  • PDF readers and editors
  • Adobe® CS / CC
  • Municipal utility billing software: RVS Mosaic, El Dorado, AVR uVision, etc.
  • TurboTax
  • Affinity® Photo, Designer, and Publisher
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio
  • Microsoft® Visio