Secure your information and your business

Small organizations are really busy and it's often hard to get everything done in a day that needs to get done. This is especially true when additional IT-related tasks are added to busy staff's list of responsibilities.

Often, these tasks aren't considered immediate or urgent by staff and are put off with the best intentions of getting them done when things slow down. It's human nature. Unfortunately, these tasks seldom or never get done because staff always have more urgent matters. This is especially true with backups.

Regrettably, most small organizations don't realize how crucial backups are until something happens and their data becomes unusable/inaccessible, as in the case of:

  • Cyberattacks, in the case of ransomware that encrypts files and folders, making them unusable
  • Files becoming corrupted, making them unusable
  • Storage device failure making data recovery infeasible
  • Hardware theft making data unavailable
  • Intentional or unintentional damage to data by employees, and
  • Omission/configuration problems: crucial data not being backed up because its location wasn't known to the person or software backing up the data.

When these types of things happen, they tend to happen quickly and often at the worst possible times. Small organizations can suddenly find themselves in full crisis mode. If they have good, recent, complete backups, they can be up and running again quickly. If not, they likely will experience great uncertainty as to when or if they will be up and running again.

Your Data is Safer with Us

Regardless of why they need one or more backup files restored, eDesk Suite users can count on us to restore their data when they need it. Period.

Daily backups are an organization's life preserver for business continuity and we take the backup process very seriously. We don't pick and choose - eDesk Suite grabs all organizational data with incremental and full backups. Our professional staff not only verifies that automated, redundant* daily backups are made but also frequently verifies that backups are fully recoverable. Our backup-restore process is continuously validated.

*Redundant backups clone the data and store it on two or more different servers.

Backups Protect Your Data when Disasters Happen

Good backups are crucial when bad things happen and go hand-in-hand with disaster recovery. We've got you and your organization covered with automated, redundant backups that are preserved outside your organization's four walls. So, if mother nature disrupts operations, we've got your data preserved and can do our part to get you up and running again.

Custom Backup Solutions

Because we specialize in creating custom solutions, we understand if you've different backup needs. Whether it's an air-gapped solution, additional redundancy via co-location, grandfather-father-son, or something else, we've got you covered.

Archival and Retention Solutions

Some organizations are subject to local, state, federal, and international policies, rules, statutes and laws, and industry-imposed regulations specifying what data must be preserved and how long it must be preserved. Failure to comply can result in substantial financial penalties and exposure to potential criminal and/or civil litigation.

This long-term preservation of data often is difficult for small organizations to accomplish because it goes well beyond backup management and requires careful planning, management, oversight, and an experienced IT provider.

If you need this service, we can help develop an effective Data Retention Policy that meets your organization's compliance and IT needs.