About Us

Why We Created eDesk Suite

Virtualis Solutions, formally WorkSpace IM, is an IT firm headquartered in Gonzales, TX. The firm has been providing small-to-midsize companies with innovative business technology solutions since 2011. Our clients span a wide variety of business sectors that include engineering, insurance, manufacturing, and utilities as well as local government agencies.

We created eDesk Suite because we got tired of seeing small organizations spend more on their Information Systems than they should. They kept making the same mistakes, again and again. They simply didn't understand the how and why of maintaining these systems. They'd skimp on maintenance and security when things weren't broken. They were not only surprised when something broke but also shocked at how expensive it was to fix it. Over time, they paid significantly more than they would have if they were maintaining their systems properly.

We knew they needed a better approach to IT. The solution had to be cost-effective and robust. It also had to eliminate the types of reoccurring problems that seriously hurt their organizations, such as inadequate or non-existent backups, failure to regularly update anti-virus / anti-malware, failure to regularly update firmware, using hardware too long before replacing it, and not implementing current cybersecurity best practices. Plus, the solution had to be incredibly fast and reliable. It simply had to work every time, without exception, and it needed a work-from-anywhere capability for today's business environment.

We accepted the challenge and carefully rethought the IT experience from the small organization's perspective. Although necessary, IT was complex, unmanageable, and expensive. It was simply too much for them to handle - they barely had enough time to run their organizations. Clients are experts in their line-of-business, not IT. We are experts in IT, there has to be a better way.

It became obvious, we had to develop a secure, integrated solution that would transfer as much of the IT burden to us as possible while eliminating the common mistakes we were continuously seeing. We needed to offer an IT solution that allowed small organizations to redirect their energies safely from IT to running their organizations. eDesk Suite was born.


Whether it's offering advice, performing repairs, performing cybersecurity training, providing consulting services, or being available 24/7/365 for support, we're here for our clients.

We offer a variety of IT services, such as:

  • eDesk Suite
  • Business email accounts
  • VoIP / PBX phone systems and service
  • Software installation and third-party vendor coordination
  • Custom IT solutions
  • Website design (performed by our trusted partners)
  • Security camera systems (performed by our trusted partners)
  • Hardware repair and sales.

We'd love to discuss our solutions and how eDesk Suite could work for you. Reach out today to schedule a call.